Dr. Alice Siberry

Alice received her PhD in Criminology and Law from the University of Sheffield in July 2021. She was awarded the N8 Policing Research Studentship to complete her research, which investigated the effects of neurotypical police practices on the policing of neurodivergent people in local communities. Her research explored the potential risks of criminalisation and victimisation that may arise because of the perceptions held by neurotypical police officers about the differences portrayed by neurodivergent people.

Alice holds a first-class degree in Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring and an MSc Psychology degree. Throughout her studies, Alice continued to gain experience in the criminal justice field and the neurodiversity sector. She has worked with North and West Yorkshire Police, and the Independent Office of Police Conduct. She also lectured at the University of Sheffield and York St John University, where she worked primarily with neurodivergent students.

Alice now works at Creased Puddle as a Specialist Neurodiversity Criminal Justice Consultant, continuing her personal and professional passion for neurodiversity, delivering training and consultancy to a wide range of businesses and organisations.