Annual Ghent Group summer seminar in Bavaria. 5th to 9th August 2024.

Organised by our friends at the Ghent Group this seminar will be held on 5th to 9th August 2024, Kloster Seeon, Germany.

This is a final notice about the annual Ghent Group summer seminar in Bavaria. We have been advised that there are two or three places left. While the seminar is pitched at a level for senior forensic psychiatrists, it would be interesting and useful for people in other disciplines working in the field, including lawyers who specialise in mental health work.  Certificates of attendance/continuing education are provided for those who need them.

This years topic is “Diagnostic Controversies and Misdiagnoses: risks for justice, rights and Safety”

This is a seminar for consultants and experienced trainees on relevance of changing and disputed diagnoses for patients safety, improving diagnostic accuracy and use of diagnoses in court and at subsequent legal hearings

The seminar covers such topics as:

  • A judicial perspective on use of diagnosis in court
  • Recognition of mental disorder as a relevant factor in the CJS
  • Long case reports discussions
  • Pathways through criminal justice and health services for offenders with mental disorder across Europe
  • Distorted symptom presentations and their differential diagnosis
  • Recognition of mental disorder as a relevant factor in the Civil courts
  • The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on diagnostics and risk assessment in the criminal justice system
  • PTSD in expert reports
  • Providing expert witness reports outside the courts
  • Discussion of expert witness roles outside the courts

For more information including a list of Trainers, download the full program and application form here.