1922 The Psychology of the Criminal

M.Hamblin Smith published “The Psychology of the Criminal”. Hamblin Smith was the first person to call himself a criminologist and he believed in the treatment of criminals rather than the punishment of criminals, using psychoanalysis.

1899 Broadmoor Full

Broadmoor was full and the situation was described as “desperate”: Rampton Hospital was announced and Broadmoor extended.

1895 The Gladstone Committee Report

The Gladstone Committee Report was published by the Home Office (Cmnd.7702). It said that reform and rehabilitation should be  the primary objectives of imprisonment. It contained the important maxim that prisoners went to prison as punishment and not for parchment.… Continue reading

1887 Criminal Lunatics Act

The 1887 Criminal Lunatics Act allowed transfer of sentenced prisoners who were “unfit from imbecility of mind for penal discipline.