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Our approach will be to fund bone fide scientists working within well-established frameworks (such as universities) who have promising research proposals which are not being funded elsewhere. We will also want to sponsor research ideas which we feel are inadequately considered at the present time, for example, the origins and psychopathology of paedophile impulses and the aspects of alcohol metabolism which generate aggressive thoughts and behaviour.


Welcome to our new charity which aims to support research and education into the age-old problem of preventing crime. We are professionals concerned with the psychological and medical roots of crime. Particular problems are crimes of violence and sexual crimes. Research has been conducted into the causes of crimes such as these but as we all know they are still all too common and much more research is needed to understand and prevent these troubling behaviours.

We also hope to commission scholarly reviews of previous studies which will lead to new ideas and new research. In the longer term we hope to be able to sponsor University teaching and research posts in the fields of forensic psychiatry and forensic psychology and we also hope to sponsor lectures and broadcasts which will improve public education in the aspects of crime we are interested in.


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To achieve these objectives we aim to establish an INSTITUTE OF FORENSIC MENTAL HEALTH SCIENCE. The functions of the Institute will be to -


1.raise awareness of the value of forensic psychiatry and psychology


2.encourage research into forensic psychiatry and psychology,


3.provide funds for research into the mental health questions associated with offending, a forum for scientific researchers working in the field of mental health associated with offending to discuss research ideas and work in progress,


5.facilitate networking with academic psychiatrists, psychologists, criminologists and lawyers,


6.keep interested people, lay and professional, informed via a webpage and newsletter,


7.organise workshops and conferences about research questions in forensic psychiatry and psychology

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